Simply Cocoa

I will be heading to Cocoa Conf in Chicago next weekend. I am looking forward attending another iOS Developer conference and meeting fellow iOS developers.

The Cocoa Conf schedule is packed with many sessions that I find very exciting. I am going to try and concentrate on a few of the animation and graphics session since I have been digging more and more into openGL in one of my Master’s Degree courses this semester.

Sessions I attended:

  • UI Automation – Testing from the top down. Jonathan Penn

  • Objective-C Runtime: Fun Under the Covers

  • Getting started debugging with Xcode

  • GLKit: Why you should care

  • Visualize You Data With Core Animation

  • Understanding OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders

  • Keynote: Your Code – the Director’s Cut

  • Enter the Matrix

  • Blocks^

  • Reverse Q & A Panel

  • Styling and Composing your UIViews with CALayers on iOS

Slides from Chicago CocoaConf: