Just finished up with four days of information packed sessions about all things iOS Design, Development and Business at 360iDev.

The event ended up having about 355 attendees, so it was a much smaller conference than either of the previous GoogleIO conferences I attended.

The conference actually began with a day long Pre-Conference training session. Some of the topics included Advanced Debugging, OpenGL ES for Image Processing, iOS 101, OCMock, and Prototyping Native Mobile Apps.

Here is the link to a list of speakers that were there.


I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and choose a more design oriented track so I took the ‘Photoshop for Devs’ with Mike Berg. It was a great day packed with tons of great tips.


  • Keynote – Matt Drance

  • 100-Kyle Richter-Going Indie Without Going Broke


  • 300-Nick Harris & Brent Simmons-Building Webservices for Mobile Apps

@nick_harris Brent Simmons

  • LUNCH –(Panel) Brandon Alexander-We’ll do better next time…

This was a panel discussion on failed projects and lessons learned led by Brandon Alexander with four panel guests. I will try to gather everyones names that were on the panel.

  • 300-Bill Dudney – Understanding View Controllers OR View Controllers and Containment

  • 300-Patrick Hogan-Power Your Workflow With Git

Link to slides and screencast.

  • Mike Lee – Keynote


  • David Whatley – Can you really make an iPhone game when no one has to show up to work?

  • Stu Stern-Automating iOS User Interface Testing

  • LUNCH – Panel: The Six MuskiOSteers: Why UI/UX Details Matter

  • 300-Saul Mora-Using Instruments Effectively

  • 300-Marcus S. Zarra-Intelligent Image Caching

  • 200-Michael Gile-AppleTV Apps: Are you ready for the big screen?


  • 300-Collin Donnell Put a bird on it: Prettifying User Interfaces with Core Graphics and UIKit

  • Joe Conway – MVCS: Model-View-Controller 2.0

  • Game Jam Review

  • 200-Mark Johnson-How to be an iOS Consultant

  • 200-Ben Long-Music & Sound in Mobile Apps

  • General Session. Closing Remarks

More to come. I hope to add links to all the speakers and to as many of the slides/resources I can find from each session.