I attended MagicRuby February 4-5, 2011. It was a conference that centered around the Ruby Programming Language. I stumbled across this opportunity somewhere on twitter I believe and thought it would be a catalyst for my goal to become more efficient in Ruby. I knew that Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler were giving keynotes, but I didn’t think their keynotes would be more about software development than Ruby. I thought both keynotes were inspiring and am going to watch for other conferences they are going to be at.

An overview of the sessions

Cultivating Cucumber

Les Hill, Hashrocket

Slides I have become more interested in Test Driven Development since I attended CodeFreeze at the UofM, so I will defintiely look more into Cucumber which describes itself as Behavior Driven Development.

Geospace Your Ruby

Peter Jackson, Interidea

Slides This talk was all about Geospacing your applications. I was surprised how much data there is available out there and I know this could be leveraged in almost any application I write.

Loving your customers, loving your peers

Alan Johnson, Carsonified

Documentation is freaking awesome

Kyle Neath


More to come…