CodeFreeze2011-McNamaraAlumniCenter I attended my first Code Freeze yesterday at the UofM.

This years Code Freeze focused on Software Testing. Not always on the top of Software Engineer’s list for a conference topic, but very important nonetheless. No matter what piece of software you are writing testing will be involved at some point.

The breakout sessions were held as Dojos. Until yesterday I had not attend a session like this. A Dojo is a presentation that involves a pair working on a testing challenge. I thought this was a great way to present. The first pair had discussed what they were going to do beforehand, but the next few hadn’t met each other before. This was a great learning tool/presentation since many of the questions that came up were questions I was asking in my head as they were working!

More resources about Dojos: Coding Dojo from What is coding Dojo from

Topics covered in Dojos

Testing that Tells the Story of the Code (developer testing) Testing that Tells the Story of the Product (business / product testing) Testing that Tells the Story of the User’s Experience (usability / user expereince testing)