My cr-48 arrived from Google, and I have been using it for a couple weeks.

It is interesting to read some about the Chrome OS project.
Take a look at the Software Architecture below.

Apparently the customized firmware between the hardware and the Linux kernel is what will give Chrome OS some advantages. This will be interesting to follow the development and how it all unfolds. I like the idea of throwing away much of the legacy support and starting from the ground up. I will be checking out the GIT repo and following along with development.


  • Verizon Wireless built in 100MB free/month for 2 years

  • Simple, Compact, No branding!

  • Fast Boot Times (SSD)


  • Slow, Unresponsive UI

    • I am guessing this will get better, or is the cr-48 just really underpowered?
  • Issues activating Verizon Wireless, time spent on hold!

A few quick photos in my dark living room with an iPhone 4. Poor photo quality, but more to follow soon.


No caps lock key!