Well I arrived just fine this morning about 11am Pacific Time. The flight went well and I was able to get my bags just fine.

I had called my hotel the night before and asked the best way to get there from SFO. They just quickly told me to use the BART and get off at the Powell Street stop. I had no idea what they were talking about, and didn’t realize San Francisco had such a great train/subway system. It turns out BART stands for “Bay Area Rapid Transit” and it worked great! I bought a $20 ticket which was able to get me within one block of my hotel, and will get me back to the airport late Thursday night.

Here are some pics of my room.

My room turned out to work great. It was literally a block away from the Moscone Center, where the GoogleIO convention was. It was just a very small room, but it was all I needed since I spent so little time there.

A few more photos of just wandering around the first day I was there: